Alice Gear Aegis Shooting Game Adapted Into TV Anime, Teaser Video Released

It has been decided that the 3D action shooting game "Alice Gear Aegis" will be made into a TV animation.

"Alice Gear Aegis", which started service on January 22, 2018, is a 3D action shooting game that fights against the mysterious mechanical life form Vice while guiding girls called "Actres". Participating creators include illustrator Fumikane Shimada, mechanic designer Kanetake Ebikawa, and Takayuki Yanase. Until now, media mixes such as CDs, comicalize, and character goods have been developed, and in the summer of 2021, plastic model products with OVA were released.

Following OVA in TV animation, Hirokazu Hanai is the director and Nomad is in charge of animation production. Furthermore, to commemorate the animation, a special news PV containing new narration voices by Yoshitada Otsuka , who played Soichiro Iwata, and Manami Numakura , who played Yoroshi Hirasaka, was also released. It is a re-edited version of the OVA special video, and a new cut has also been added.


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