Blue Lock Anime Character Trailer of Isagi Yoichi has Been Released

From the TV anime " Blue Lock " based on the original work by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura, a character PV that focuses on the main character, yoichi, has been released.

"Blue Lock", which will be broadcast in 2022, is a soccer animation depicting 300 strikers gathered to win the World Cup. In the character PV "Kiyo Ichihen", his egoistic words such as Kiyoshi's devilish expression and "I'm coming to change my life", and "Blue Rock" that challenges my soccer life. The image was finished with a strong determination.

In addition, along with the release of the character PV, the first part of the interview with Kazuki Ura , who talked about the works, the charm of the character, the points of interest, etc., will also be released on the official website. Ura says, "The main axis of this work is" ego. "It may not be necessary to live in society, but as long as Yoichi and his friends play soccer, it is a team battle, but one soccer player. Even so, I'm still alive. When that happens, it's not enough to just adjust to the surroundings. I think that's a great connection to a voice actor. " The second part of the interview will be released at 18:00 on January 26th.


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