Shenmue the Animation Decided in 2022, Main Trailer Reveals Additional Cast

The trailer, key visuals, and main cast of the anime " Shenmue the Animation " will be released. Masaya Matsukaze will play the main character, Ryo Batsuki, and Takahiro Sakurai will play the main character, Ai Tei, from the original game.

"Shenmue the Animation" is based on the popular action-adventure game "Shenmue" released on Sega's home video game console Dreamcast in 1999. Directed by Chika Sakurai and produced by Telecom Animation Film. In the trailer, the past story of Ryo Batsuki, the fierce action scene with his nemesis, Ai Emperor, and a part of the mysterious story are included together with the nostalgic townscape of Yokosuka. In the key visual, the main characters are gathered around Ryo, who exposes his passionate fighting spirit.

Matsukaze was delighted with the animation, saying, "Shenmue is a very big work in my life. I hope that everyone who has loved me for a long time and caused miracles, as well as those who do not know the name, can touch the world of Shenmue. I think. " Sakurai recalled his encounter with this work when he started working as a voice actor, and sent a message saying, "The world of Shenmue that will not fade even after more than 20 years. I hope you can enjoy it with everyone."

The opening theme was decided to be "UNDEAD-NO ID" by Kashitaro Ito . The anime is scheduled to be rolled out in 2022.


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