Skeleton Knight in Another World Anime will release in April 2022, New Trailer Released

The TV anime "Skeleton Knight in Another World" will start broadcasting in April. At the same time, an additional cast was announced, and new visuals and PV were released.

"Skeleton Knight in Another World" is an arc thrown into another world in the form of a game character, trying to stay unobtrusive so that it will not be subdued as a monster because of the appearance of a skeleton in armor. However, it is a fantasy that inadvertently carries out rehabilitation activities due to the character that can not overlook bad things. As an additional cast, Miyu Tomita will play the role of Chiyome, a girl of the Beast Man's sect, the Blade Heart Clan, and Takuya Eguchi will play the role of the unfriendly elf warrior Danka . Kosuke Toriumi is in charge of Dylan, the father of the elf warrior Arian, who plays Fairouz Ai, Yuko Minaguchi is in charge of her mother, Glenis , and Rumi Okubo is in charge of her sister, Ivin . Ryota Takeuchi was cast in the role of Goemon, the big man of the same blade heart clan as Chiyome .

Ark, Arian, Ponta, and Chiyome appear in the key visuals. Four character voices were shown on the PV. In addition, the web radio "Skeleton Knight, I'm going out to the radio right now" will be distributed on the Internet radio station Otoizumi. Tomoaki Maeno , who plays Ark, and Nene Hieda , who plays Ponta , will serve as personalities, and the first will be delivered on January 28th.


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