The Low Tier Character Tomozaki-kun Anime Season 2 Officially Announced

A new animation production for the TV anime "The Low Tier Character Tomozaki-kun" has been decided. At the same time, a PV edited from TV animation images and character songs was released.

The released PV "TV Anime" The Low Tier Character Tomozaki-kun"Critical Announcement !! Special PV" CONTINUE? "" Is played by Hisako Kanemoto , Aoi Hinami, Ikumi Hasegawa , Minami Nanami, Ai Kayano , Fuka Kikuchi, and Ryoko Maekawa . A compilation of the character song "Colorful End Epilogue" sung by Nene Hieda and Yusuzu Izumi, played by Natsubayashi Fireworks, and a TV anime video. In addition , comments have arrived from the original authors Yuki Yaku, Gen Sato , who plays Fumiya Tomozaki, and Kinmoto. Stay tuned for more details on the new anime.

The TV anime "The Low Tier Character Tomozaki-kun" based on the light novel by Yuki Yaku is a "perfect heroine" who is a popular and talented heroine of the school, who is one of the best gamers in Japan but lives a dull high school life. Under the guidance of Aoi Nichinan, a story that challenges the capture of the game of life. It was broadcast in the January 2021 period.


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