An Original anime Shinobi no Ittoki by TROYCA and DMM Pictures Will Release in 2022

An original animation project by animation production company TROYCA and animation label DMM pictures of has started. It will be broadcast in 2022 under the title of "Shinobi no Ittoki".

TROYCA is in charge of the animation production of "Shinobi no Ittoki". The draft is jointly handled by TROYCA and DMM pictures. Along with this announcement, the teaser visual will also be released. A female character dressed like a ninja was illuminated on the street and was depicted trying to turn around. In addition, Mr. Toshiyuki Nagano, President and CEO of TROYCA commented, "The story is simple and never boring. It will be a wonderful title filled with the thoughts of many people, so please look forward to it." Has been done. Stay tuned for more details.


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