Blue Lock Anime Release Character Teaser of Bachira Meguru

From the TV anime " Blue Lock " based on the original work by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura, the character PV of Bachira Meguru is released.

"Blue Lock," which will be broadcast in 2022, is a soccer animation depicting 300 strikers gathered to win the World Cup. In the PV, there are the appearance of Bachira Meguru playing soccer innocently, the appearance of making meaningful remarks with a shadowy expression, the words "If you crush it, you are the strongest guy", and the scene where you communicate with Kiyoshi. It is contained.

In addition, an interview video with Tasuku Kaito , who played the role of Bachira Meguru , was also shown on the official anime website . Kaito commented on the appeal of Bachira Meguru, "I think it's appealing to go as you please. It's quite difficult to stick to your own will when other people are reluctant. There are many scenes where I get sick, so the attitude of Bachira Meguru through me is attractive. "


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