IDOL bu SHOW Anime Movie Announced, Will Release in Summer 2022

It has been decided to make an animated movie of "IDOL bu SHOW", a music battle project for the world flag. It will be released in the early summer of 2022 under the title of "Theatrical Version IDOL bu SHOW".

"IDOL bu SHOW", which started in 2019, is a music battle project in which idol units vote in "Mai SHOW" and compete for the sales of the unit in "Tenka Flag Battle Royale". Participating units are street dance & vocal idol NO PRINCESS, orthodox idol Lunatic Eyes with the theme of love, courage and affirmation, and a new generation idol X- Three sets of UC (Ten Yushi). The group that became a world idol can perform a live performance under the name of "Tenkabata". So far, music releases and events have been held.

In "Theatrical Version IDOL bu SHOW", the first original story is developed. In addition to music creators such as Shigeru Saito, Akihiro Tomita, and Yohei Kisara, the director is Shingo Kobayashi, the script is the scenario creation team Kotsu Kotsu, the character design is NOB-C, and the animation production is ORENDA x Amineworks. At the same time, the unit music project has also restarted. A new song CD will be released for the first time in about two years.


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