Ya Boy Kongming Anime Got New Trailer and it Reveals OP Information

The second PV of the TV anime " Ya Boy Kongming ! " Based on the original work by Yuto Yotsuba and Ryo Ogawa has been released.

"Paripi Komei" will be broadcast on TOKYO MX, MBS, and BS Nippon Television from April 5th. In the second PV, the anguish, anxiety, and conflict of Kaede Hondo 's Eiko Tsukimi, Shoya Chiba 's genius rapper KABE Tadashi, and Hibiku Yamamura 's best friend Nanami Kuon are projected. .. Then, after the genius warrior Zhuge Liang, who plays Ryotaro Okiayu , took action, the three people were captured on the stage brightly.

The opening theme song for the anime is QUEENDOM, a unit in which lol 's hibiki and moka, FAKY 's Akina and Taki, and GENIC's Maria Kaneya participate. It was finished as a party tune that boldly covered "Chiki Chiki Bang Bang" by Hungarian artist JOLLY in Japanese.


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