Break of Dawn Anime Movie Announced With Key visual and Video

Tetsuya Imai's "Bokura no Yoake (Break of Dawn)" will be adapted into an animated feature film. It was announced that it will be released nationwide in early fall of this year, and a teaser visual and a special news release video were unveiled.

"Bokura no Yoake (Break of Dawn)" is a juvenile science fiction set in the year 2049 AD. The story begins when the main character, a boy who loves space and robots, becomes obsessed with a comet that will soon approach the earth, and meets an "unknown being" from outer space. It was serialized in Monthly Afternoon (Kodansha) in 2011 and published in two volumes. 

The teaser visual depicts the Asagaya housing complex, where the boys live, shining suspiciously, and the water tower quietly looming in the background. A boy and a robot can be seen standing on the roof of the apartment complex as the light shines through. The special video features the famous phrase from "Jupiter," the fourth piece of Holst's "The Planets" suite, and shows the rooftop of the apartment complex depicted in the teaser visual glowing beautifully and the morning sun gradually climbing up. 

Imai said, "Many people brought in wonderful ideas, and we are in the process of creating more and more works. The future is amazing. I am excited. I hope you are all excited about it," he commented. In conjunction with this announcement, the original manga will also be released free of charge. You can read the entire story at Comic DAYS until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow, the 19th. You can also go to the free release page from the official website of the theatrical anime, so check it out.


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