Detective Conan: Zero no Nichijo (Tea Time) Anime Trailer Released, Anime will Release on 4th April

The broadcast start date of the anime "Detective Conan: Zero no Nichijo (Tea Time)" has been set for April 4. In addition, this PV and scene cuts have been released.

Based on the official spin-off of "Detective Conan," "Detective Conan: Zero no Nichijo" depicts the daily life of Toru Amuro, who has three faces: public safety, detective, and black-ops organization. Toru Furuya, who plays Amuro, narrated this PV. The cutscenes include a shot of Amuro holding a gun.

It was also revealed that Megumi Ban will play Haro, Mikiko Enomoto will play Azusa Enomoto, Asako Momo will play Midori Kuriyama, and Nobuo Tobita will play Yuya Kazami. Comments from the four cast members, RAKURA, who sings the opening theme song, and Rainy, who sings the ending theme song, have arrived.


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