HIGH CARD Anime First Trailer Released, Will Release in 2023

The broadcast time of the TV anime "HIGH CARD" has been decided in 2023. The teaser visual, teaser PV, and main staff of the same work were also announced.

Homura Kawamoto of "Kakegurui", Hikaru Takeno who handles the novelization of "Kakegurui", Toms Entertainment who has sent out the animation "Lupin III" and "Detective Conan" series is in charge of the media mix project "HIGH CARD" .. The director is Junichi Wada of "The Disappearance of Yuki Nagato", "Caligula" and "Sakugan", and the character design is Nozomi Kono who was the character design of "Radian" and the animation director of "Given". Comments arrived from Wada and Kono. The teaser visual was drawn by Kono, and it was designed to show that five members of the high card, a group secretly organized by the order of the king, go on a card collection mission.

In addition, the setting images and profiles of the five high cards will also be released. It was also announced that the introduction and the second drama CD were decided to be produced. Check the official website of the same work for details.


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