Komi can't Communicate Season 2 First Trailer Released, Anime starts from 6th April

TV anime written by Tomohito Oda, "Komi can't Communicate" PV of the second season and additional cast members were released.

The PV features Komi and her classmates, who are gradually making friends and are full of individuality, as well as new characters that Komi and her classmates meet. Katsuyuki Miura will play the narcissistic character Shimorito Naruse, who can be seen in the PV, and Shotaro Uzawa will play Tadashi Yoneya, who annotates Naruse's words and actions. In addition, Fumiko Uchimura plays the role of Sankuni Kato, whose grandfather was a former professional Go player, and Minami Takahashi plays Ayami Sasaki, a world-class yo-yo player. They are classmates who will be in the same group as Furumi on the school trip.

In addition, a program will be distributed on YouTube's "SHOPRO Channel" from 8:00 p.m. on April 1, prior to the broadcast of the second season of the anime. Aoi Koga as Glass Komi, Takehito Kajiwara as Hitoto Tadano, and Shinichiro Kamio as Makoto Katai will appear on the show to introduce the appeal of the second anime season and the characters they play.

Komi can't Communicate is a romantic comedy in which Ms. Furumi, a pretty girl but a first-year high school student whose facial expression becomes frozen with nervousness when she tries to talk to others, meets her "too normal" classmate, Tadano, and struggles to make 100 friends despite her clumsiness. The second TV anime season will be broadcast from April 6 in TV Tokyo and other locations. It will also be broadcast on BS Teletext and distributed exclusively on Netflix.


  1. ishiteru komi sama. watashi wa tadano to chotto ski desu.omaiwa douzo ski dusu tadano kun

  2. douzo kuso kuree

    if you guys don't say komi sama is kawaii



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