Paripi Koumei Anime 3rd Trailer Released, Anime starts from 5th April

The third PV of the TV anime " Paripi Koumei" Based on the original work by Yuto Yotsuba and Ryo Ogawa has been released. At the same time, the singing cast of Nanami Kuon was announced.

"Paripi Koumei" is a comedy developed when the famous warrior Zhuge Liang Komei reincarnated in modern Japan with a young body. Komei, as a warrior, will innovate the music scene with Eiko in order to fulfill the dream of the fledgling artist Eiko Tsukimi. The third music video-style PV includes the singing scenes of Eiko Tsukimi, KABE Tadashi, who was said to be a genius rapper, and Nanami Kuon, who is Eiko's best friend. KABE Tadashi, played by Shoya Chiba , shows off a powerful rap, and 96 cats , who are Eiko's singing cast, sing up-tempo songs . In addition, the singing cast of Nanami Kuon, including the singing voice of Lezel, who is active mainly on Youtube and distribution. Lezel has also decided to make a major debut from Avex Pictures in April. Comments also arrived from these three people who are in charge of the music part.

The TV anime "Paripi Koumei" will start broadcasting on TOKYO MX, MBS, and BS Nippon Television from April 5th. Also, at the stage event "Let's Party Time" in AnimeJapan 2022, which is scheduled to be held at "AnimeJapan 2022" on March 26th and 27th at Tokyo Big Sight. It was also announced that Ichiro Yatsui, who is active as an entertainer and DJ, will serve as MC.


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