SPY x FAMILY Anime Additional Cast Announced

Frankie Franklin (CV: Hiroyuki Yoshino)

An additional cast of the TV anime " SPY x FAMILY " based on the original work by Tatsuya Endo has been announced.

In "SPY x FAMILY", the twilight of a brilliant spy who was ordered to "create a family" to carry out a certain mission, as a psychiatrist Lloyd, a girl Anya with supernatural powers, a killer woman Yor and a camouflaged family A spy comedy that builds up and struggles to balance family and mission. Additional casts include Hiroyuki Yoshino as Frankie Franklin, a collaborator who supports the mission of twilight, and Yuko Kaida as Sylvia Sherwood, who is the boss of twilight and is committed to the success of Operation Strix for world peace . Kazuhiro Yamaji has been appointed as Henry Henderson, the dormitory director of Eden School . In addition to the three characters whose cast was announced this time, the character setting picture of Donovan Desmond, who is the president of the National Union Party of Ostania and the target of the operation owl, is also released. "SPY x FAMILY" will be broadcast on TV Tokyo Network 6 stations and others from April 9th.

Henry Henderson (CV: Kazuhiro Yamaji)

Donovan Desmond

Sylvia Sherwood (CV: Yuko Kaida)


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