Summer Time Render Anime Second Trailer Released, Anime Starts from 7th April

The second PV of the TV anime " Summer Time Render " based on Yasuki Tanaka has been released.

"Summer Time Rendering" is a science fiction suspense that begins when Shinpei Amiyo, the main character who heard the obituary of his childhood friend Kobune Ushio, returns to his small remote island, Nittogashima, in Wakayama City for the first time in two years. In the PV, along with the new video, the character voices of Hizuru played by Yoko Hikasa , Nezu played by Jin Urayama , Window played by Kensho Ono , and Sagiko Toki played by Maki Kawase were unveiled for the first time. In the latter half of the video, you can listen to the 1st opening theme, Macaroni Empitsu , "The Stars Swim." Also, the official anime Twitter (@summertime_PR) is holding a follow & retweet campaign until 23:59 on April 4th. An "A4 key visual panel" signed by Hikasa, Urayama, Ono, and Kawase will be presented to three applicants by lottery.

In addition, from 24:00 on April 7, TOKYO MX and BS11 will air a documentary program commemorating the start of TV animation broadcasting. Through a staff cast interview, the commitment put into the animation is revealed, and it is delivered that the production is proceeding closely to Wakayama, which is the stage of the work.

Furthermore, from April every other Tuesday from 19:00, Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Internet Radio Super! Broadcast the radio program "Summer Time Render Radio" on A & G +. Anna Nagase , who plays the role of Ushio, and Saho Shirasu , who plays the role of Mio , serve as personalities. And from March 28th, the free app for smartphones "Summer Time Render Official App Powered by Wakayama" is being distributed. You can enjoy a limited-time campaign, a digital stamp rally around Wakayama, an original camera that can take pictures with characters, and you can check the work information.

"Summer Time Render" will start broadcasting on TOKYO MX and others from April 14th. In all 25 episodes, the end of the story is drawn.


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