Black Summoner Anime New Trailer Reveals Additional Cast

The key visual, the first PV, and additional cast members for the TV anime "Black Summoner" have been announced.

The key visual depicts the main character, Kelvin, and other unique party members such as Efil, an elf maid in battle, and Sera, daughter of the demon king Gustav. In addition to Kelvin's battle scenes, the PV shows for the first time the moving figures and character voices of the party members.

Additional cast members Yume Miyamoto and Yoshi Inagaki have been added to the cast. Miyamoto will play the role of Leon, a reincarnation of Kelvin, and Inagaki will play the role of Angel, a guide at the adventurer's guild.

"Black Summoner" is a battle story in which Kelvin, a battle-crazed summoner, gathers friends and rises to become a top adventurer. Based on the novel of the same title by Tofu Murai, Kelvin is played by Koki Uchiyama and Efil by Mainaka Ishimi. The official website opened today, and the TV anime is scheduled to start airing in July.


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