Ippon Again! Anime Announced for January 2023, First Teaser Video Released

The TV anime "Ippon Again!" written by Yu Muraoka will start airing in January 2023. In addition, a teaser visual and PV were released, and cast and staff information were announced.

Ippon Again! is a story about the adolescence of high school girls who are passionate about judo. The original story is serialized in Weekly Shonen Champion (Akita Shoten), and the latest volume, volume 18, will be released on May 6. The teaser visual depicts the main character Michi Sonoda, her best friend Sanae Takigawa, Eien Hiura (Michi's last opponent in junior high school), and Anna Nagumo, Michi's classmate since elementary school, against a school background. The PV depicts summer scenes of cicadas, fans, plastic bottles with water drops, and strong sunlight, as well as Michiru and the other four lying on their backs, and character voices can be heard.

Ayasa Ito as Michi, Yukari Anzai as Sanae, Chiyuki Miura as Eien, and Nene Hieda as Nagumo. Ken Ogihara will direct, Aya Satsuki will compose the series, Airi Mukawa will be the character designer and chief animation director, Shun Narita will provide music, and BAKKEN RECORD, a label launched by Tatsunoko Productions in 2019, will handle animation production.

In addition, a comment from Muraoka arrived. Judo has the spirit of 'co-prosperity for oneself and others. As the name implies, the production team, who loves anime, and the viewers, who love anime, will be able to smile together through the anime of "Mouichipon! I hope that the production team, who love anime, and the viewers, who love anime, will smile together through the anime of "Ippon Again! and I hope that the energy of their love will grow even greater!


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