The Unwanted Immortal Adventurer Anime Adaptation Announced At Overlap Bunko 9th Anniversary Event

The novel "The Unwanted Immortal Adventurer" by Yu Okano will be adapted into a TV anime. The announcement was made today, April 17, at the "Overlap Bunko 9th Anniversary Online Event.

The dark fantasy "The Unwanted Immortal Adventurer" begins when Lento, a failed adventurer, loses his life in a labyrinth and awakens as a skeleton, the weakest monster in the world. A comic book adaptation by Heidi is being developed, and volume 9 of the manga version and volume 10 of the original novel will both be released on April 25.

In conjunction with the announcement of the anime adaptation, a congratulatory comment from Okano and a commemorative illustration from Jaian, who is in charge of the novel's illustrations, arrived. For more information on the anime, please wait for further news.

Comment by Yu Okano:
What a surprise, "The Unwanted Immortal Adventurer" is getting an anime! So we are very pleased to hear that ......!
Lento is moving! Every time I receive materials, I get excited and look forward to seeing the characters in action! I'm sure you'll all enjoy it!
Please keep up the good work on "Unwanted Immortal Adventurers!"


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