TV Anime "SHAMAN KING" sequel production decided, spot video and "Thank you visual" released

It has been decided that a sequel to the TV anime " Shaman King " based on the original work by Hiroyuki Takei will be produced. A spot video to announce this and two illustrations entitled "Thank you visual" have also arrived.

"SHAMAN KING" is a story in which shamans who interact with gods and spirits fight once every 500 years over the seat of the star king "Shaman King" who controls all things in nature. After being made into a TV animation in 2001, the completely new animation that started broadcasting in 2021 reached its final episode on April 21st today.

The spot video has a glimpse of the sequel centered on the leaves and Anna's son, Hana. You can see not only the flowers but also the appearance that seems to be a new character. One of the "Thank you visuals" appears as Hao, Hao, Manta, Anna, Lotus, Ryunosuke, Horohoro, Faust VIII, Lyserg, Chocolab, and Jeanne at the time when they were competing for the position of Shaman King. The other is a grown-up figure seven years later, with leaves, Anna, lotus, Ryunosuke, horohoro, riserg, chocolate love, tamao, and flowers.


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