Onipan Anime New Trailer Reveals Additional Cast

It was announced that Miyu Tomita , who plays the role of Issuko, is in charge of the voice of Noririn appearing in the TV anime " Onipan! ".

The true identity of the top idol, Noririn, who has been shrouded in mystery until now, is a figure in which Issuko, a classmate of the azaleas, is transformed using a hammered gavel, which is handed down from her ancestors. "Tokimeki ♡ Wonderland" sung by Noririn was also unveiled as an insert song in the broadcast on May 16th today. The song is included in the theme song CD "Oni Papapan! Pan!" To be released on June 1st. Comments arrived from Tomita and Teru Kabe, who was in charge of composition and arrangement.

Also, from next week's broadcast, the ending theme song will be changed to "Oni Yaba!". Continuing from "Oni Papapan! Pan!", The singing is Onipan's, a unit consisting of Yui Nozaki, who plays the role of azalea, Mika Negishi, who plays the role of sunflower, and Kokona Nonaka, who plays the role of Tsuyukusa! However, Yuki Tsujimura is in charge of writing, composing, and arranging. Onipan! Tsujimura's comment and the second PV where you can listen to "Oni Yaba!" Have also been released.

"Onipan!" Is a story in which three "oniko", azaleas, sunflowers, and tsuyukusa, struggle to improve the image of demons in a world where humans and demons coexist. From April every Monday to Friday, it is broadcast on the TV Tokyo series program "Oha Suta".


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