Phantom of the Idol Anime new Trailer Released, Anime begins from July 1

TV animation " Kamikuzu ☆ Idol " based on Isofurabon Hijiki will be broadcast on TV Tokyo, BS11, AT-X from July 1st. This PV, the second key visual, and an additional cast have been announced.

"Phantom of the Idol" is a comedy in which Yuya Niyodo, a "Kuzu Idol" who has a good face but is not motivated, and Asahi Mogami, a legendary "God Idol" who possesses him, aim to become the top of the idol world. In this PV, the lethargic crap of Niyodo played by Fumiya Imai , the CG live part of the idol unit ZINGS by Kazuki Yoshino played by Niyodo and Shun Horie , and the leader of the popular idol group Cgrass. The appearance of Hikaru Setouchi has also appeared. In addition, the additional cast that was lifted in the PV includes Takuma Terashima as Setouchi, Takuya Sato as Chihiro Misaki who is also a member of Cgrass, Tatsuyuki Kobayashi as Akira Uchihama, Haruki Ishiya as Yukinari Nada , and Homare Hakukata. Azagami Yohei was listed .

Furthermore, it is clear that ZINGS will be in charge of the opening and ending songs of the anime. The opening theme "Let's ZING!" Is partly released in this PV, which has been lifted. The CD containing both songs will be released on July 27th. To commemorate the release of both CDs, it was decided to hold an event "TV Anime" Kami Kuzu ☆ Idol "Fan Meeting vol.1" by Imai and Horie. Check the official website for details on how to participate.


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