The Lucifer And Biscuit Hammer Anime First Teaser Video Released, Anime Airing Starts from 8th July

The spot video of the TV anime "The Lucifer And Biscuit Hammer"(Hoshi no Samidare) based on Satoshi Mizukami has been released on YouTube.

" The Lucifer And Biscuit Hammer"(Hoshi no Samidare) will be broadcast on MBS and TBS "Animeism" from July 8th . The story begins when a mediocre college student, Sunset Amemiya, is asked by a talking lizard who suddenly appears to help save the " earth crisis " . Naomi Ohzora plays the role of Samidare Asahina, a girl whose loyalty is sworn by the setting sun . The spot footage showed the setting sun, noisy, squirrels, the "mud dolls" they would fight against, and the shadow of a giant hammer floating in the sky. Animation production is handled by NAZ, which handles "ID: INVADED" and so on.


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