Akiba Maid War Original Anime Announced with First Trailer

The production of the original TV anime "Akiba Maid War " presented by Cygames and PAWORKS has been decided. At the same time, teaser visual, teaser PV, and cast staff information were announced.

Two maids handing out leaflets in Akihabara appear in the teaser visual. In the center is a copy of "About Moe and Violence." Also, on the PV, the words "Cygames x PAWORKS" and "Full-body work animation" are projected, and a girl, Nagomi Peace, who came to Tokyo dreaming of becoming a cute maid, returned to Akihabara after a long absence. Various maids such as former maid Arashiko Mannen were drawn.

In "Akiba Maid War ", PAWORKS will be in charge of animation production, Soichi Masui of "Sakura Quest" will be in charge of the series composition, Manabu Nii will be in charge of character design and animation director, and Yorihiro Ike will be in charge of music. Reina Kondo will play the role of peaceful Nagomi , and Rina Sato will play the role of Arashi Mannen . Director Masui said, "Can Moe and Bakun coexist? Is Kyun inherent in Bakun? We have always been hurt by this problem. We are alive, alive, alive. I received the comment, "Is it okay to start from 1,000 yen? This is a job. I will work. I will do my best."


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