Mononoke Movie Announced for 2023

A theatrical version of "Mononoke" will be produced, scheduled for release in 2023, and a special trailer and a teaser visual have been released.

This was announced today, June 18, at the "Fifteenth Anniversary Festival" event held at the Multi Theater on the first floor of Fuji Television's headquarters in Tokyo. The movie version is a completely new episode, and in addition to the newly drawn animated cut directed by Kenji Nakamura, you can enjoy the newly recorded voice of the medicine seller, played by Takahiro Sakurai, in the special news release video. In conjunction with this announcement, it was also announced that crowdfunding for support of the film version will begin on June 24.

In addition, the first stage adaptation of "Mononoke" has also been decided. In addition, a project to reveal new visuals drawn by 15 artists for the 15th anniversary of the "Mononoke" anime started today on the official anime Twitter (@anime_mononoke). The first series of visuals was created by Yaeko Ninagawa, who was in charge of the comic book adaptation of "Mononoke". In addition, information on the 15th anniversary campaign at the Noitamina store, an online exhibition, and the serialization of the comic in the WEB Zenon editorial department have also been announced.

Mononoke aired on Fuji Television's "Noitamina" slot and other channels from July 2007, and is an adventure story about a medicine man who confronts "mononokai" (monsters). It was produced as a sequel to "Kake Neko," an episode of the "Kai ~ayakashi~" series that aired in the same slot, and drew attention for its stylish character designs and innovative images combining CG processing, such as Japanese paper textures, etc. In 2020, "Mononoke" was selected in the "Noitamina" poll of 70 previous works. In the "Your Choice of Three Memorable Works," a poll of the 70 previous "Noitamina" productions that was held in 2020, the series won first place in the 2005-2009 production category.


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