The Eminence in Shadow Anime New Trailer Released

The second character PV "Beta / Gamma Edition" of the TV anime " I want to be a powerful person in the shadows! " Has been released.

"I want to be a shadow power person!" Is a "misunderstanding" that depicts a boy who was longing for a "shadow power person" to reincarnate in a different world and become a true shadow power person as Shadow aka Sid Kageno. Serious comedy ". In PV, the spotlight is on the second seat, beta and third seat, gamma of the elite "Nanain" of the organization "Shadow Garden" where Shadow is the leader.

In addition, to commemorate the release of the PV, a book signed by Inori Minase , who will play the role of beta , will be presented to one person by lottery. Applications are being accepted on the official anime Twitter account (@Shadowgarden_PR). "I want to be a powerful person in the shadows!" Will be broadcast from October.


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