"Summer Time Render" second half cool key visual & PV release, additional cast revealed.

summer time rendering part 2

 From the TV anime " Summer Time Rendering " based on Yasuki Tanaka , the key visuals, PV, and additional cast for the second half of the cool have been released.
The second cool anime "Summer Time Render" will be broadcast from July 7, 2022. In this key visual, Shinpei, who throws himself into the fight against "shadow" and becomes tattered, has a determined expression while holding a gun, and the figure of Kobune Ushio and Heine are drawn behind it. 

In addition, PV starts with a big shadow of four arms and an impressive conversation scene of Shinpei. In the latter half of the video, you can hear Asaka's second cool opening theme "Natsumu Noisy" prior to the broadcast. Furthermore, it was revealed that Yuko Sanpei will play the role of Ryunosuke Minamikata, the twin brother of Hizuru who will appear in the second course .

In addition, the scene cut and synopsis of the 13th episode "Tomodachi", which is the first time in the second course, has arrived. In the same episode, Hizuru regains her consciousness, but she is convinced that Shinpei is a time traveler. When the power of the tide conveys his experience to Hizuru, Hizuru believes in Shinpei and decides to act together. The party heads for the Kobayakawa family to ensure that the shadow of the bookmark is killed. The scene cut contained the appearance of the tide and Shinpei.
To commemorate the broadcast of the 13th episode "Tomodachi", the official Twitter account of the anime (@summertime_PR) will hold a gift campaign in which a script signed by Yoko Hikasa , the role of Hizuru Minamikata, will win one person by lottery. By 23:59 on July 12, follow the official Twitter account and retweet the tweet to complete the application.

A sci-fi, summer story filled with suspense set on a small island with Shinpei Aijiro, whose childhood friend Ushio Kofune died. He returns to his hometown for the first time in two years for the funeral. Sou Hishigata, his best friend, suspects something's off with Ushio's death, and that someone can die next.
A sinister omen is heard as an entire family next door suddenly disappears the following day. Furthermore, Mio implicates a "shadow" three days before Ushio's death.


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